Hep C Treatment Cost in USA vs. Canada, Mexico & India

hep c treatment cost

Hep C treatment cost 2024

The cost to cure hepatitis C is now more affordable now than ever.

We understand that hep C drugs used to cost $84,000 and above.

Gilead Sciences launched Harvoni‘s generic ledipasvir sofosbuvir, once a day oral tablet for 84 days for $24,000.

Gilead also launched Epclusa’s generic velpatasvir sofosbuvir, once a day oral tablet for 84 days for $24,000.

Hep C treatment cost in 2019 is not that much different than the hep c treatment cost in 2018.

What about hep C treatment cost in Mexico?

Usually, we Americans can take a drive or a short flight down south for a little R&R, get some meds and fly back.

Harvoni cost in Mexico is not that much less than it is in America.

Same goes for Epclusa cost in Mexico, it still sells for 10’s of 1000s of dollars, unfortunately.

New hep C treatment cost from Gilead Sciences and Abbvie are very expensive, compared to ribavirin and interferon treatments.

Mavyret price is $24,000.

Compare that to Mavyret price in India, which is only $1995.

However, with the introduction of generics, from Asegua Therapeutics, like sofosbuvir ledipasvir and sofosbuvir velpatasvir, prices have generally come down.

Unfortunately, most people will disagree that the prices are still not affordable and way too expensive.

Hep C treatment cost in India

hep C treatment cost

A lot of controversy has been around this subject about cheap hep C treatment from India.

Quite a few articles from newspapers (New York Times & Washington Post) to 24 hours news channels from Bloomberg news, CNN and Fox news talking about a $1125 tablet is only $4 to $8 in India to treat the hep C virus.

The debate still continues but not as heated as it was in 2014 and 2015.

Why is it so cheap in India and why not in the US?

hep c treatment cost in the US
Hep C treatment cost in the US

We will keep it simple and quote the CEO of Gilead Sciences, Daniel O’Day, “we price the drugs based on the country’s ability to pay.”

It seems harsh but that’s the nature of pharmaceutical companies in our country.

While, in India, the government is pretty much giving out free hep C treatment to many people in rural areas living in abject poverty.

Majority of Indian hepatitis C patients still have to pay on average $900 for their treatment.

The middle and rich in India bailout the poor, similar to the US. So, the treatment cost is really based on how much you earn a year in India.

Hep C treatment cost in UK

The United Kingdom or UK has some programs for subsidized hep C treatments, however, there is a huge waiting list for treatment.

So, many people with hepatitis C, just order their meds online and get it delivered to their front door.

Many UK citizens don’t want to wait until they have to deal with liver failure or liver cancer.

Something else that is really worth mentioning here is that the United Kingdom is really good at allowing their citizens to import life saving medicine from other countries.

So, there is never a hassle for a resident of the UK to get generic Harvoni, generic Epclusa, generic Sovaldi, generic Maviret or generic Vosevi imported from India.

We can conclude the best and the most efficient way to get cured for hepatitis C is to order treatment online from India.

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