Harvoni cost in Canada

harvoni cost in Canada

Get Harvoni cost in Canada delivered to you, ledipasvir 90mg & sofosbuvir 400mg, one a day tablet to treat hepatitis C.  Gilead Sciences  gave the license and patent to several Indian pharmaceutical companies to manufacture and distribute to low and middle income countries.  America doesn’t fall in to this category so we don’t get the low prices for the treatment.

Harvoni cost in Canada is $84,000

The Solution: 

Get generic Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa or Daklinza delivered to your front door.  The generic is ledipasvir 90mg & sofosbuvir 400mg with a different brand name label on the bottle.  Active ingredients are molecularly identical.

harvoni cost in canada

Natco Pharma and Hetero Drugs are the only manufacturers of generic Harvoni in India.  Although several companies like Ranbaxys, Cipla, Mylan, Dr. Reddys and others have their own brand labels placed on the manufactured product. Bottom line is you’re getting the licensed generic product.

What Harvoni Cures?

Hepatitis C or HCV (hepatitis C virus) for short, was only discovered in 1989, a blood borne infection that is highly contagious and deadly if not treated early.   It causes liver disease and possibly cirrhosis as the virus destroys the liver overtime.

Who can be treated with Harvoni?

Forty five percent of the world’s hepatitis C population can be treated with this medicine.

Take a HCV antibody test to find out your unique genotype.  Harvoni treats genotypes 1 or 4, sometimes 3.

What our patients have been prescribed?

Nine out of 10 patients are prescribed Harvoni for hepatitis C treatment.  That’s because most of the hcv genotypes in the US are genotype 1 or genotype 4.  Sometimes genotype 3 is used, your health care professional will recommend the best treatment.

Harvoni in the Media

There are countless articles on the direct acting antivirals to cure hepatitis C.  The problem is they are not affordable.  It seems that the middle and lower income groups are most affected by insurance approval and co-payments.  The cost of Harvoni is expensive, Americans looking to save on prescription drugs even visit look for Harvoni cost in Mexico, read more here.

Get Harvoni Delivered to You :

Don’t have to wait for insurance to give you the green light before its too late.  We’ll have it have it delivered to your home address before you know it.  You will be happy you made the right choice with 100% confidence.

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