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epclusa generic

Epclusa generic is velpatasvir 100 mg and sofosbuvir 400 mg.

Its a tablet taken orally, once a day for 84 days.

Epclusa generic treats chronic hepatitis C virus.

Hepatitis C virus has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 genotypes, Epclusa generic treats all genotypes.

Success rate for the generic of Epclusa is 94% to 99%.

Today, you have a choice of Epclusa or Epclusa generic to treat hepatitis C.

Who makes Epclusa generic?

Gilead Sciences started a subsidiary company called Asegua Therapeutics.

This company has made Epclusa generic (velpatasvir 100 mg and sofosbuvir 400 mg) has rights to distribute this drug in the United States.

Most often drug manufacturers like Gilead Sciences, wait several years before allowing a generic to enter the market.

As you read below, why Gilead Sciences decided to make a generic version of Epclusa available before the expiration of the patent.

This has a strong correlation to pricing of new hepatitis C treatments in 2023.

sofosbuvir velpatasvir

What is Epclusa generic price?

The pricing of Epclusa generic is based on their competitor Abbvie.

Abbvie released a new hepatitis C treatment drug called Mavyret.

You can read more about Mavyret here.

Mavyret was launched in August 2017.

Cost of Mavyret is $13,200 for one month.

Most hepatitis C patients require 2 months (8 weeks) of Mavyret, which is about $26,400.

Gilead Sciences’ pricing strategy for Epclusa generic is about $24,000.

About $2,400 less expensive than Mavyret.

This competitive strategy is price the drugs lower.

A huge savings for many hepatitis C patients.

Epclusa (non generic) is priced at $78,078 for 12 weeks treatment with 84 tablets, absolutely not affordable.

Which is considerably more expensive than both generic Epclusa and Mavyret.

What is the difference between Epclusa and the generic?

Many people believe that generics, because they don’t have a brand name are inferior products.

In some cases that maybe true, like napkins, cookies, bread, soda pop and similar grocery items.

When it comes to generics of drugs, this is strongly regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Any generic of any drug or medicine that is sold at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens or any pharmacy must be identical to the original product.

The molecular composition of the drug has to be exact copy, there are no exceptions.

FDA regulates this and you can watch the video below on generic drugs.

Generic drugs are safe and effective as the original product.

When it comes to generics, the FDA sets the record straight:

Generics work the same way as the branded drugs:

  • They contain the same active ingredient as the branded drug.
  • Offer the same strength, dosage, form (tablet or injectable), and route of administration.
  • The labeling is almost identical, except for branding.
  • They are bio-equivalent.
  • Provide the same clinical benefits and side effects as the branded drug.

They must meet the same high standards to receive FDA approval:

  • Ensuring they have the same therapeutic effect.
  • Are safe, effective, and of high quality.

Understanding Generics Equals Affordable Treatment:

When we realize that generics offer the exact same benefits for treating illness and disease, the cost of treatment becomes more affordable.

Take, for example, the highly infectious hepatitis C virus, a significant public health concern.

Let’s dive into the affordability aspect.

Is this drug affordable?

The answer to this is questions is very relative.

For most people that have hepatitis C, the answer is no.

The average income of a person with hepatitis C cannot afford the $24,000 for the generic version of Epclusa.

It is not affordable, the cost can be compared to buying a new car.

The branded Epclusa cost is the  price of two bedroom one bath condo in the Fairbanks neighborhood in Houston, Texas.

Or a 2 bedroom, 1 bath ranch home in Jacksonville, Florida.

A Harvard University professor, said hepatitis C patients should take a mortgage like loan for their Epclusa treatment.

Not a thoughtful thing to say (he probably bought Gilead Sciences stock).

You have the Opportunity to be Cured of Hepatitis C

In 2023, you have every reason to be cured for hepatitis C.

You don’t have to wait for insurance, copay, manufacturer’s coupons, Medicare, Medicaid, rebates and what not.

Fill the form below and have 12 weeks of Epclusa delivered to your front door for $699.