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Epclusa cost in India is not what you think.  You will wonder why and how can it be so affordable.

You will also ask yourself, is it real or is it fake?

Read below for answers to the most common questions and concerns about the price of Epclusa in India.

This drug Epclusa is essentially the be all universal or pan-genotype hepatitis C treatment.

Epclusa cost in India is $699.

The cost of Epclusa in the  US, is about $78,078, which is not affordable at all.

This prescription medicine treats hepatitis C genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

As its predecessors, Harvoni and Sovaldi, its a once a day tablet, taken orally for 84 days for most HCV patients.

An estimated 77% of people diagnosed with hepatitis C do not receive treatment.

If you are among the 77%, this the most affordable treatment option for you.

You will feel 1000 times better for an amazing low price.

Who can be treated with Epclusa?

Most people with hepatitis C.

Generic Epclusa is the first hepatitis C treatment that is available to treat genotypes 2 and 3 without ribavirin for most patients.

All genotypes of the hepatitis C virus can be successfully treated with Epclusa, a success rate of 94% to 99%.

Is hep C an STD? 

No, hepatitis C (hep C or HCV) is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

However it can be transmitted through sex, but it is rare.

Most often hepatitis C is transmitted through needle sharing, blood injecting equipment and drug paraphernalia.

epclusa cost in india is accessible

Making Generic Epclusa:

Asegua Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Gilead Sciences launched, generic Epclusa name sofosbuvir velpatasvir.

Sofosbuvir and velpatasvir are the active pharmaceutical ingredients of Epclusa.

Not too much imagination went into coming up with a name for generic Epclusa.

In India generic Epclusa is manufactured by Hetero Drugs, Natco and Cipla.

Like generics of Harvoni, Sovaldi and Daklinza, Epclusa is a Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs).

DAAs have been revolutionary in treating hepatitis C with or without the need for peg interferon-alpha and ribavirin.

Generic Epclusa Brand Names:

Other than sofosbuvir velpatasvir, generic Epclusa, there are quite a few generic Epclusa brand names from India.

The most popular generic version of Epclusa is Velpanat from Natco pharmaceuticals in India.

Other Indian manufacturers like Cipla, Mylan, Dr. Reddys, Abbott and several others are producing (Epclusa) velpatasvir 100mg and sofosbuvir 400mg tablets.

The average hepatitis C patient requires 12 weeks of treatment, 84 tablets of generic Epclusa for most prevalent genotypes in the US to be considered “cured”.

How much does Epclusa cost without insurance?

The cost of Epclusa is about $78,078 for 12 weeks treatment, that’s 84 tablets.

Generic Epclusa from Asegua Therapeutics is considerably less about $24,000 list price for 12 weeks treatment, 84 tablets.

Gilead, the manufacturer of Epclusa states this “cure all” for all hep C genotypes is about 99%.

Generic Epclusa is identical to Epclusa, but several Indian pharmaceutical companies were granted the patent for manufacturing and distribution, as mentioned above.

epclusa cost in india is affordable

What is the difference between Harvoni and Epclusa?

Harvoni consists of 90mg of ledipasvir and 400mg of sofosbuvir.

Epclusa comprises 100mg of velpatasvir and 400mg of sofosbuvir.

Harvoni or Generic Harvoni both treat hep C genotypes 1, 4, 5, or 6 infection with or without cirrhosis for chronic hepatitis C.

Now, Epclusa or generic Epclusa treats all hep C genotypes.

When you find out what your genotype is make sure you take the correct hep C treatment.

Is there a generic Harvoni?

Yes there is generic Harvoni, its called ledipasvir sofosbuvir, distributed by Asegua Therapeutics.

Cost for 84 days or 12 weeks treatment is $24,000.

That is $285.71 for one tablet of ledipasvir sofosbuvir.

As you read on there are other versions of generic Harvoni that are much more affordable.

Does Medicare cover Epclusa?

If you are enrolled in the US government prescription drug programs Medicare Part D or Medicaid, it covers up to 25% of out-of-pocket costs.

Find out what the costs are and make sure that you are not overpaying for this very affordable hepatitis C treatment.

If you go through Medicare you will save about $6000 from the $24,000 which will come to about $18,000.

Better than the $78,078 price tag for the brand name Epclusa by Gilead Sciences.

Still sky high, but if you keep reading you will find that you can get Epclusa for a fraction of the cost.

What company makes Epclusa?

Gilead Sciences makes Epclusa and has given the license and patent to several Indian pharmaceutical companies to manufacture for the developing world.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the launch of Epclusa in the United States on June 28th, 2016.

FDA approved Epclusa for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

epclusa cost in india is authorized and licensed by Gilead Sciences

Treatment recommendation

Your doctor will ask for a hepatitis C viral load test.  The test will let your doctor know if its necessary to pursue treatment or not.

If the viral load is very low then most probably your physician will hold off on treatment, because of the $78,078 cost.

Also, your insurance company (technically) will only pay if you have a fibroscan of 3 and above.

Never give up, keep trying as much as you can to get the Epclusa, generic Epclusa (sofosbuvir velpatasvir) or the Epclusa generics from India.

Take whatever steps are necessary; call your insurer, and contact non-profit organizations until you receive treatment and cure the hepatitis C virus.

You can read the article gives you more information on coupons, Co-Pay programs and Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) to get Epclusa treatment.

Hepatitis C Treatments from India

Gilead Sciences and the FDA license the manufacture of all generic versions of Harvoni, Sovaldi, and Epclusa.

Please visit this link to the FDA office in India, they license and authorize the manufacturing of hepatitis C treatments.

Epclusa price in India is a fraction of the price you will pay even if you do have insurance.

Its better to get your hepatitis C treatment from Sunny Pharma, you can never beat the 24/7 customer service.

If you are not cured, all hepatitis C treatments come with a money-back guarantee.

Epclusa cost in India is only $699 for 84 tablets, 12 weeks treatment.

Harvoni cost in India is also $499 for 84 tablets, 12 weeks treatment.

Sovaldi cost in India is $499 for 84 tablets, 12 weeks treatment.

Sovaldi and Daklinza cost in India is $499 for 12 weeks treatment.

All hepatitis C treatments come with a money back guarantee if you are not cured.

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Get cured without delay; your liver, body, and mind will thank you for it.

You can finally say BYE BYE  to those days of feeling tired and be proud that you no longer carry the hepatitis C virus within you.