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biktarvy price in india

Biktarvy Price in India

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India has played a significant role in making HIV/AIDS drugs more affordable and accessible to people in low- and middle-income countries.

One of the main ways India has contributed is through the production of generic antiretroviral drugs.

These are copies of patented drugs that are produced and sold at a lower cost.

Because India is a major producer of generic drugs, it has been able to supply these medications to countries in need at a fraction of the cost of the branded versions.

In addition, to producing generic drugs, India has also implemented policies to make HIV/AIDS medications more affordable.

For example, the Indian government offers free antiretroviral therapy to people living with HIV/AIDS, and it has also implemented price caps on certain medications.

Indian pharmaceuticals

India’s efforts to increase access to affordable HIV/AIDS drugs have had a global impact.

The availability of these medications in India has helped to drive down prices worldwide, making it easier for people in other countries to access the treatment they need.

In summary, India’s contributions to the production and distribution of affordable HIV/AIDS drugs have helped to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

Its efforts have helped to reduce the burden of HIV/AIDS and improve the overall health of communities globally.


Biktarvy price in India is very affordable compared to anywhere else in the world, including Biktarvy cost in Mexico.

Bictegravir 50 mg /emtricitabine 200 mg /tenofovir alafenamide  25 mg makes up Biktarvy, the once a day pill for HIV treatment.

This antiretroviral fixed does treatment for HIV/AIDS has been available in the US since February, in Europe since June 2018.

Because of its effectiveness in HIV treatment, its often called highly active antiretroviral therapy or HAART.

Manufacturer to Reduce Biktarvy Price in India

Biktarvy is manufactured by Gilead Sciences in the US and is quite expensive for cash payers, around $3583 for 30 tablets.

In India, Gilead Sciences gave the license and authority to manufacture this drug in a generic form.

That Biktarvy generic has helped millions of Indians stay undetected and keep the HIV viral load to a minimum.

India manufacturers Biktarvy for all of South East Asia as well as countries in Latin America.

The Biktarvy you get in Mexico and other Latin American countries is exported from India.

Cost savings are huge for all countries that import this life saving medicine.

Cost of Biktarvy in Mexico is around $531.33 for 30 tablets about three and a half times more expensive what you find in India.

This makes sense because of the importing Biktarvy from India, marketing, distribution and currency exchange rates.

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If you are still skeptical about Biktarvy from India check out the reading list from our nation’s top publications.

Top publications that have written about India’s role in producing affordable HIV medications:

  1. “India’s Generic Drug Industry and the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic” – published in the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
  2. “How India’s Generic Drug Industry Is Helping to Fight HIV/AIDS in the Developing World” – published in the Atlantic
  3. “India’s Generic Drug Industry and Its Role in Providing Affordable HIV/AIDS Medications” – published in the Journal of Generic Medicines
  4. “The Role of India in Making HIV/AIDS Treatment More Affordable” – published in the New England Journal of Medicine
  5. “India’s Generic Drug Industry and Its Impact on Global Health: A Review” – published in the Journal of Global Health.

These articles provide in-depth information about India’s contributions to the production and distribution of affordable HIV/AIDS medications, and the impact these efforts have had globally.

Biktarvy price in India is affordable, thanks to Gilead Sciences’ license and authorization to manufacture this life saving medicine in India.

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