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biktarvy price in mexico

Biktarvy cost in Mexico is more affordable than in the US, only if you can find it.

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It is almost impossible to find Biktarvy in a Mexican pharmacy.

And if  you do, the cost is too prohibitive by several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Some of our patients in Mexico are saying it cost about $600 to $2800 for one bottle of 30 tablets.

Cannot confirm this 100%, but we know its a little less expensive than the US.

We surveyed 132 pharmacies in Tijuana to see if Biktarvy was available, they all said “No.”.

The Mexican pharmacists did not know when and if they will get it again.

Mexican pharmacies did have other HIV treatments like Truvada and Dovato.

Is Biktarvy available in Mexico ?

Yes, Biktarvy has been available in Mexico since December 2019, but its just very hard to find.

Gilead Sciences licensed and authorized Biktarvy to be manufactured in the US, Canada, India, United Kingdom and Europe.

Mexico imports Biktarvy from India and sometimes from Europe.

How much does one bottle of Biktarvy cost?

If you don’t have insurance, Biktarvy will cost approximately $3500 at your local Walgreens or CVS for one bottle.

Check out the Biktarvy prices at Goodrx.

One bottle o f Biktarvy cost, 30 tablets, ranges from $3500 to $4300, depending on which pharmacy you go to.

These prices are based on after applying coupons on the retail price of Biktarvy.

How safe is Biktarvy from Mexico?

There are several licensed and authorized manufacturers of Biktarvy in Mexico.

There are two companies that have partnered with Gilead Sciences.

Through the partnership hefty royalties are paid to Gilead for manufacturing and selling Biktarvy in Mexico and Central America.


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Do you gain weight from Biktarvy?

Officially, there is no indication of weight gain from taking Biktarvy.

Because you may feel better, you may start eating more than usual.

Does Biktarvy work?

Usually, within 8 weeks to 24 weeks of treatment with Biktarvy, your HIV viral load will reduce.

What are the side effects of Biktarvy?

Most common reported side effects are:

  • diarrhea
  • nausea (vomiting)
  • fatigue (tiredness)
  • insomnia (not able to sleep well)
  • reduced appetite
  • felling dizzy
  • unusual dreams

Is depression a problem with Biktarvy?

Some individuals experience sadness/depression while taking Biktarvy.

A real life saver guys!  Thank you for making it possible.

David Dunham
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Can I take two Biktarvy pills if I missed a dose?

You cannot take 2 Biktarvy tablets in one day.

If you missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember.

As long as it is less than 12 hours when you usually take it.

If its more than 12 hours, wait the following day to take Biktarvy.

Do not try to take two Biktarvy tablets because you missed a dose.

Can Biktarvy harm your kidneys?

If you experience new or worse kidney issues, stop immediately.

Generally, Biktarvy is tolerated well by the kidneys.

Can Biktarvy cause liver problems?

For some individuals, Biktarvy can cause severe liver problems.

This is a result of lactic acid build up in the blood or lactic acidosis.

Which is better Dovato or Biktarvy?

Biktarvy is a complete regimen for the treatment of HIV.

Dovato is a partial regimen that requires additional antiretroviral drugs to be a complete treatment of HIV.

How fast can one become undetectable from HIV with Biktarvy?

Most individuals can be undetected after 8 weeks to 24 weeks of treatment with Biktarvy.

How late can I take my Biktarvy? 

You can take Biktarvy at night, before bedtime, preferably not on a full stomach.

Can I have grapefruit with Biktarvy?

Biktarvy price in India and grapefruit juice

Grapefruit and grapefruit juice can increase the severity of side effects when taking Biktarvy.

Eat grapefruit and drink grapefruit juice with caution while on Biktarvy.

Is Biktarvy used to treat anything else?

Biktarvy is mostly used to treat HIV infected individuals.

Does Biktarvy cause fever?

It may cause chills or even fever, these side effects should be monitored.

Can one stop taking Biktarvy?

If you stop taking Biktarvy, your HIV viral load will increase and it maybe difficult to reduce.

Is Biktarvy safe? 

Yes, it is safe and overall well tolerated.

1 in 10 can develop serious abnormalities from side effects, in a laboratory environment.

Is creatinine increased from taking Biktarvy?

The ingredient bictegravir can increase blood creatinine level by 0.1mg/dl.

The renal glomerular function of the kidneys are not affected.

Does Biktarvy increase blood sugar? 

Yes, Biktarvy can raise blood sugar levels. There can be a loss of blood sugar control.

Diabetics are asked to monitor blood sugar levels strictly while on Biktarvy.

What is high and low viral load with HIV?

A high viral load is 100,000+ HIV RNA in ml of blood.

A low viral load is 10,000 HIV RNA in ml of blood.

Is Biktarvy a HAART? 

HAART stands for highly active antiretroviral therapy that is often associated with Biktarvy.

Any antiretroviral therapy that is combined to fight HIV is called HAART.

Because of its HAART status, generic Biktarvy price in Mexico is cheap compared to the US.

Can pregnant women take Biktarvy?

Studies show that pregnant women that are HIV positive can tolerate Biktarvy.

However, more larger studies of Biktarvy on pregnant women need to be performed.

Can I drink orange juice with Biktarvy?

Orange juice does not interact with Biktarvy.

Can you take calcium and iron supplements with Biktarvy?

Biktarvy price in India

Yes, you can take them only with food when you take Biktarvy.

You cannot take Biktarvy after fasting or 2 hours after taking calcium, iron, magnesium and aluminum containing medicine or supplements.

What are long term side effects of Biktarvy?

  • New problems with kidney disease
  • Worsening of kidney disease
  • Depression
  • Liver damage

Can Biktarvy be crushed before taking orally?

Biktarvy should not be crushed and swallowed, unless advised by your physician.

However, it maybe acceptable under the supervision of a physician.

Is it okay to take Biktarvy with Harvoni, Sovaldi or Epclusa?

Biktarvy can be difficult on the liver.

Sofosbuvir medications to treat hepatitis C, like Harvoni, Sovaldi & Epclusa also make the liver work hard to repair them.

Most physicians will test your viral load for hepatitis C to determine if Biktarvy can be taken with sofosbuvir based treatments.

Talk to your doctor before starting Harvoni, Sovaldi or Epclusa with Biktarvy.

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Price Comparison: Biktarvy Cost in USA Versus Other Countries

Don’t pay too much for your Biktarvy medication! Compare costs in different countries, including how much it will cost you in the USA.

Are you wondering how much Biktarvy will cost you in the USA? Comparison shopping can help you save money, and comparing prices across different countries is one of the best ways to get a good deal on your medication. Learn about Biktarvy prices in the USA and other countries here.

Research Prices for Biktarvy Before You Travel.

When traveling abroad, it’s important to do your research on the cost of Biktarvy in the country you are visiting.

Prices can vary significantly from place to place, and it’s always good to be prepared so that you know how much you might have to pay for your medication.

Check local outlets and pharmacies before you buy, as some locations may offer better prices than others.

Keep in mind that medical prices may also change depending on what type of coverage or assistance is offered in each country.

Check For Discounts in the Country You Will Visit.

Before purchasing Biktarvy in the country you are visiting, check for any possible discounts or special deals.

Many locations may offer a lower cost if you buy several doses of your medication at once, or if you purchase through certain online vendors or providers.

Additionally, certain outlets may offer loyalty programs that make repeat purchases cheaper or even free.

Take some time to research and see what options are available to you before buying your medication in a foreign country.

Look at Bulk Ordering Options in Advance.

In most cases, the cost for Biktarvy can be significantly reduced if you order in bulk.

If you are going to be in a certain country for an extended period of time, consider purchasing extra doses in advance.

This allows you to save money on your medication over time by taking advantage of discounts or special deals that may be offered based on the amount being purchased.

Consider Other Treatment Options When Traveling Abroad

If you travel outside the USA, it’s important to remember that Biktarvy may not be available. Make sure to do your research before travelling in order to determine if there are other treatments available for HIV, such as generic medications.

Additionally, many countries have lower prices for medication than elsewhere in the world; always compare prices at different pharmacies before making a purchase.

Try to Find Online Pharmacy Deals at Home and Abroad.

Whenever possible, compare prices between local pharmacies, both online and offline.

Additionally, research and find out if there are any online pharmacies located in the country you are visiting that offer Biktarvy at a lower cost than typically found in the US.

Remember to do your due diligence when researching pharmacies – make sure they are registered by the appropriate authorities and have valid certifications, as purchasing medicine outside of licensed pharmaceuticals may put your health at risk.


Biktarvy cost in Mexico is not much different than it is in the US.

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