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asegua therapeutics generic harvoni

Gilead’s new subsidiary Asegua Therapeutics has launched generic Harvoni for the US market.

Generic Harvoni, official name is “sofosbuvir ledipasvir”, is identical to brand name Harvoni from Gilead Sciences.

Harvoni is ledipasvir 90 mg and sofosbuvir 400 mg.

This prescription medicine treats chronic hepatitis C.

its taken orally, one tablet a day for 84 days.

Generic Harvoni from Asegua Therapeutics treats hepatitis C genotypes 1, 4, 5, and 6.

Cure rates with Harvoni and generic Harvoni are identical about 94% to 99%.

Truth be told, generic Harvoni has been available in India since 2015.

So, guess what about 30 Indian pharmaceutical companies have the legal right to manufacture the drug.

No big deal, that’s correct.

As a hepatitis C advocate, I totally understand why our government does not want to us to get meds from Mexico, Canada or India.

There is an honest populist concern that is shared by less than 5% of our law makers in Congress and the House.

The rest of the law makers really have never cared about our well being and we keep swallowing the lie.

Its okay, I do it and so does everyone else I know.

Its not that we are stupid, we are just tolerant as long as everything is in some state of normalcy.

Most of us get three square meals a day, not bad.

We get our social security, we get our medicare and medicaid. So, we’re fine…not really.

Law Makers and Asegua Therapeutics

The nefarious law makers, which is about 95% want us to not get access to generic Harvoni or generic Epclusa from India.

The cost of Harvoni is less less than $500, cost of Epclusa is about $800.

The reality is our law makers are on the side of Gilead Sciences.

Don’t get mad about it, we put these jamokes in office. Yes, we can do something about it, but we really don’t want to bother.

As Americans if we want to get things done, we will do it.

In this case, we will let it slide.

asegua therapeutics generic harvoni

Why Harvoni is so Expensive and Access to Hepatitis C Treatment Limited?

Biggest reason, is we think those with hepatitis C are bottom of the barrel and we want to say bad things about them, right or wrong.

It happens and that’s why we don’t care about Harvoni price tag at $94,000 or Epclusa price tag at $84,000.

These prices are so astronomical, I can’t keep track which is which in terms of the real price.

In my mind, we work with Soul of Healing Trust and Sunny Pharma to get this and other hepatitis C treatment out to folks that cannot afford it.

That’s it. These prices are really all made up, except for the cost of generic Harvoni and generic Epclusa. I did forget to mention, Sunny Pharma does have generic Sovaldi and generic Daklinza.

All hepatitis C treatments are all available for a fraction of the price through Soul of Healing Trust and Sunny Pharma.

You are wondering is it legal?

Having mail order generic Harvoni or any other drug for life saving treatment is 100% legal, you can read more about it on the FDA site here.

It is your human right to gain access to affordable treatment, especially when it is out of reach in your own country.

You can read United Nations charter on access to health and medicare, read more here at Article 25.

In any which case, hepatitis C virus is deadly and a highly infectious virus.

Because you are getting treated, you are doing good for yourself, friends, family, community and your country.

Hepatitis C is a public health threat and getting it treated is the best thing you can do.

Your liver, body and mind will thank you for it.

Ready to Take Control? Order Harvoni Now and Kickstart Your Journey to Wellness!

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