Baby Boomers & Hepatitis C

Baby Boomers and Hepatitis C
Baby Boomers and hepatitis C

Baby Boomers & Hepatitis C

In early to mid 1900’s in the US, hygiene and blood borne infections were not well understood.  Doctors’ often performed surgeries with unwashed hands.During the South Korean war many doctors would operate on multiple patients without gloves or hand washing.Essentially moving infection from one patient to another unknowingly.

Contamination by blood was common and sterilization practices of medical instruments were sub par.

Hepatitis C made leaps and bounds in America during this dark age of medical and clinical science.

We now have a fighting chance with Direct Acting Antivirals like Sovaldi, Harvoni, Epclusa and Daklinza.

Its an amazing opportunity to treat an infectious disease with one pill a day for 84 days.

Please talk to your doctor before starting Harvoni or any medical treatment or procedure.

National Institute of Health USA 3 out of 4 baby boomers maybe infected with hepatitis C

  • Prior to 1989, tests for hepatitis C did not exist, you were positive if you were non A & B positive.
  • Non A & B meant nor hepatitis A or hepatitis B, it was hepatitis but nomenclature was not designated for the infection at that time.

“Majority of the infections are NOT due to drug use, but through contaminated blood and poorly sterilized medical equipment according to new research published by Journal of American Medical Association.”

Once hepatitis C was clinically understood, screening, testing and preventative measures were put in place.

Harvoni cost in India Hepatitis C Patients

Due to the nature of the virus being highly infectious with high mortality rates, hepatitis C was finally getting the needed serious attention it deserved.

If you think you may have symptoms of hepatitis C, we strongly recommend that you talk to your healthcare professional and get tested right away.  You can learn about long term effects of hepatitis C, if you want to get scared in to getting tested.

Baby boomers have helped build our nation and given birth to a new generation of skilled and highly trained professionals that make up our great country’s economy today.  Sunny Pharma would like to thank Baby Boomers and we want to help with the fight against hepatitis C.

If you are a baby boomer you maybe eligible for pretty good discount. Call our Health Advocate 24 hours at US 858-952-1077.