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Venetoclax cost 400 mg price in India is very affordable, continue reading to learn more.

For starters, generic Venclexta or generic Venclyxto price is out of reach for most cancer patients especially in under developed countries.

So family members in the US, UK, Europe or Australia try to buy venetoclax in their home country and send it to the person in need.

First, you cannot buy prescription medicine without a prescription in the US, UK, Europe or Australia.

Its just not going to happen.

Second, most pharmacies do not stock venetoclax, your best luck would be in a hospital pharmacy.

Even then, the cost of one venetoclax 100 mg tablet is $131 USD.

For a bottle of 12o venetoclax 100 mg tablets is $14,568.53 USD.

If you are able to afford it, you still need a prescription.

You’re back to square one.

Venetoclax/Venclexta Cost is Accessible and Affordable.

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Search online for Venetoclax 400 mg

Now you do a search online, look for a company that can provide venetoclax at a lower price and ship it.

That is if they are legitimate, honest, trustworthy, upright and straightforward.

Often times the companies are in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Now, which company do you trust to get venetoclax 400 mg delivered to your friend or family member.

This maybe the most challenging part of your search online.

One of the ways you can verify who is legitimate is by calling their phone number and reading reviews of their work.

Another way is to ask for a reference and a testimonial from a friend, relative or spouse of the patient receiving treatment.

If you follow some of these basic safety measures, most probably you will get the genuine venetoclax delivered to your loved one.

Why shop for Venetoclax 400 mg price in India?

Number one reason why we look for venetoclax 400 mg price in India, is because of the cost.

It is relatively more affordable compare to the $14,000 price tag for venetoclax.

You will pay about $1200 to $1700 for 120 tablets of venetoclax 100 mg.

What is the dose of Venetoclax?

Most patients that require venetoclax, start of with a small dose (20 mg a day) and ramp it up to 400 mg a day over a five week period.

Usually taking four 100 mg venetoclax tablets a day and maintain that course of treatment for most patients.

Of course the doctor will schedule the dosage and monitor the administration of venetoclax.

Why is India associated with generic Venetoclax?

For almost 50 years, India is considered the go to place for all types of generic drugs and treatments.

Number one reason is, India has a large talent pool of scientists, engineers and doctors.

The cost for this labor in India is much more affordable than in the US or other developed nations.

Many pharmaceutical companies take advantage of the cheap labor and mass produce pharmaceutical products at a low cost.

India has a large appetite for healthcare and medicine with a 1.3 billion population.

Also, the costs are much less for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and manufacturing.

Research and development is far more scalable in India than compared to the US.

Every major pharmaceutical company has large R & D centers in India, employing millions of bio technologists, chemists, pharmacists, scientists, doctors and engineers.

This infrastructure of highly educated individuals allows India to produce drugs like venetoclax at an affordable price.

Fun Facts about India’s Pharmaceutical Industry

India is the 4th largest producer of pharmaceutical products by volume globally.

Read here about how Indian pharmaceuticals have helped Americans save billions of dollars on medicine and generic drugs.

To manufacture pharmaceuticals in India, drug companies must pass stringent audits from the Indian government and the US Food and Drug Administration.

The US FDA has an Indian presence, you can contact their office below for more information:

Sarah McMullen, Ph.D., Director
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Office of Global Policy and Strategy
India Office
U.S. Embassy New Delhi
New Delhi, India

Tel: +91-11-2419-8269

Is there a generic version of Venclexta in the US?

As of now, there are none available in the US.

There are only a few manufacturers of generic Venclexta, they are in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

What are the side effects of generic Venclexta and generic Venclyxto?

Because these are the generic (identical) versions of Venclexta and Venclyxto, the side effects are exactly the same as the name brand version.

What is the name of venetoclax in Europe?

Venclyxto is the brand name used in Europe for venetoclax prescription medicine for chronic lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL), small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Is there a generic version of Venclyxto available in Europe?

At this time, there are no approved and regulated generics in Europe for this medicine.

The only option left for many Europeans is to purchase their CLL, SLL or AML treatment from India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

The cost of generic Venclexta or Venclyxto price in India starts at $1395 for 100mg, 120 tablets.

Prices of venetoclax almost are always changing, fill out the form below to get most up to date pricing.

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