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venetoclax 100mg

Is venetoclax a chemotherapy?

No, its not. Venetoclax 100 mg is used to treat blood, CLL, AML and SLL cancers in a tablet form.

What is Venclexta used for?

Again, its used for cancer treatment like AML, CLL, SLL and blood cancer.

Venclexta is the brand name, venetoclax is the generic name.

Is venetoclax approved in India?

Yes, venetoclax 100 mg is approved in India as Venclexta from Abbvie.

Also, there is a generic version that is manufactured in India at a fraction of the cost.

venetoclax 100 mg price in India

Can range anywhere between $750 to $1500.

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venetoclax 100 mg uses

Is for cancer, like AML, CLL and SLL.

venetoclax 100 mg brands in India

There are quite a few brands but we like to stick with a generic that has a proven track record.

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venetoclax 100 mg price in pakistan

Is about $1450 to $1600.

venetoclax 100 mg tablet price

Is $11.67.

venetoclax 100 mg price in delhi

Is $1300 to $1500.

venetoclax 100 mg price in usa

Is $13,450 for 112 tablets.

venetoclax 100 mg India

Is the same as the one available as Venclexta 100 mg in the US.

Molecularly they are exactly the same product.

Want to know a little secret about this cancer treatment?

There is a lot of inside information we have about this miracle drug.

We say this is a miracle drug because it helps so many of our patients live a longer life.

If it wasn’t for the affordable generic version many patients with AML, CLL & SLL will not be around today.

First, the medicine is actually manufactured in India.

Second, the manufacturer says they have an office in Sri Lanka, that is true, but no one is there.

The manufacturing facility for this medicine is Top Secret.

Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers do not want their medicine/product compromised by competitors or bad elements.

Even, Sunny Pharma’s facility was ransacked by bad elements and local competitors in 2016 and 2017,

Sometimes our staff has been in harms way.

We cannot tolerate harm or injury to our staff.

When “patients/customers” want to make an appointment to come to our office, we politely say no.

We cannot take that life endangering chance.

However, we have met patients at the Starbucks next door.

As a NGO operating in India, often times its done in a hush hush manner.

Bottom line is we get our patients and their loved ones, the medicine they need.

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