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The Story of Sunny Pharma India

How did a small group of determined Americans and Indians come together to start Sunny Pharma India?

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C back in the mid 1990s, at that time I had no idea how I got infected.

Then, I learned the blood transfusion I had in 1985 was contaminated.

I was devastated, I worried if my wife and children were also infected with hepatitis C.

Thank God, they were not. As the years went by I had tried so many different types of treatment none of them worked.

Going through peg interferon was the worst.

I was vomiting all the time, my body just couldn’t handle it.  I literally thought I was going to die, I had to ask my doctor to stop the treatment.

The Journey to get Hepatitis C Medicine

Then along came Sovaldi, the miracle drug and I thought for sure I was going to get and my insurance would cover it.

It did not. I felt despair again.  My feisty daughter, Melissa, 24 at the time said “Dad I got this, you are going to be cured.” I still remember that moment clear as day.

Melissa and a few friends from college traveled to India, they met with Mr. Vicky Kumar who was referred through her college professor.

Mr. Kumar could not believe the price difference for the same hepatitis C meds between the US and India.

A couple of weeks later Melissa returned safely from India and handed me 3 bottles of generic Sovaldi.

Dad I got this, you are going to be cured.” – Melissa McKnight

The Cure to Hepatitis C

Only a week after taking the medicine, I was feeling much much better than I had in years.

After 84 days of taking one tablet a day, I went to test my viral load, it was essentially undetectable.

I was finally cured and my Melissa helped me do this, I am grateful for her courage and her determination.

My doctor and his colleagues started asking Melissa to help their patients that were denied by insurance or just couldn’t afford the co payment.

The Goodwill

Melissa took this as a confirmation to get out there to help as many people she can with hepatitis C.

She just finished her Master’s program in Public Health and started working with her college professor, a Phd in infectious diseases, and Mr. Kumar to get the word out about affordable hepatitis C meds from India.

When she’s not in India, she’s traveling the world making sure people are not dying because they cannot get generics of Harvoni, Sovaldi or Epclusa.

Melissa McKnight worked with many physicians in the US and India to help start Sunny Pharma India.

They have helped over 10,000 patients around the world get hepatitis C medicine for a fraction of the cost.

I hope you start your hepatitis C treatment and start living a normal and healthy life. Its worth it, I am a living proof.

-William McKnightFormer Hepatitis C Sufferer.

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