sofosbuvir prices around the world

One Kg (2.2 pounds) of sofosbuvir, the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) is going for approximately $210.  Let’s synthesize 10 tons, how much would that cost.  Probably $20 a Kg at the highest price.  Especially if you’re making millions of tablets everyday, as Gilead is doing.  We believe it probably costs around at the high end, $6 for 34 grams of sofosbuvir, which is one regimen (12 weeks) to treat a hepatitis C patient.

Sunny Pharma will honor the $300 a bottle for the price of all sofosbuvir based hepatitis C treatments.

“Gilead global pricing model is based on a country’s ability to pay.”

-Greg Alton,
Executive Vice President of
Corporate and Medical Affairs
Gilead Sciences

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