Sofosbuvir Price Around the World

sofosbuvir prices around the world

Sofosbuvir Price Around the World

One Kg (2.2 pounds) of sofosbuvir, the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) is going for approximately $210.  Let’s synthesize 10 tons, how much would that cost.  Probably $20 a Kg at the highest price.  Especially if you’re making millions of tablets everyday, as Gilead is doing.  We believe it probably costs around at the high end, $6 for 34 grams of sofosbuvir, which is one regimen (12 weeks) to treat a hepatitis C patient.

Believe it or not prices are getting lower by the day.  The supply has caught up with the demand.  The only reason we are paying high sofosbuvir prices is due to control of distribution.  Gilead really tightens the screws for anyone other than the companies in their royalty program distributes hepatitis C treatments in developed countries.

According to the World Health Organization, sofosbuvir is considered an essential medicine, this means it must be distributed around the world without any hiccups.  As we know with abusive drug pricing in the US and most developed nations, there are ways to overcome this.

Australia is great example, they said they will not uphold the patent of sofosbuvir so now they give it away to hepatitis C patients for $36.  That’s definitely fair in a very well developed country like Australia.  Kudos to the Australian government for standing up.

Now coming back home to the United States, we will never see that, because Gilead’s pharmaceutical lobbyists are working night day that we Americans do not have access to affordable hepatitis C treatments with sofosbuvir and its combinations.

Same goes for UK and all European Union countries.  The good, actually the very good part is you can get affordable hepatitis C treatment right here at Sunny Pharma.

All generics of Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa, Daklinza, Vosevi (coming soon) and Mavyret (coming soon) are authorized by Gilead Sciences and US government’s Food and Drug Administration.

“Gilead global pricing model is based on a country’s ability to pay.”

-Greg Alton,
Executive Vice President of
Corporate and Medical Affairs
Gilead Sciences