Is this legal?

Legal Framework

Access to Approved Medicines

We facilitate access to approved medicines that are not yet approved or available in your country of residence.

Who is SunnyPharma.Info?

SunnyPharma.Info is a legally recognized international pharmacy, operating in over 85 countries worldwide.

We are registered and audited by National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) iis the alliance of the provincial and territorial pharmacy regulatory authorities across Canada as well as the Canada Health Services.

The Named Patient Import Basis

Patients with life-threatening or debilitating diseases have the right to access, purchase, and import medicines prescribed by their doctors, even if those medicines are not yet approved or available in their home country. This is known as the named patient import basis, a legal exception to the general rule that a medicine can only be marketed with market authorization.

The general requirements for importing a non-approved medicine are:

  • The medicine is not approved and/or available in the patient’s country but is approved elsewhere.
  • The patient has a life-threatening or debilitating disease.
  • There are no available alternatives.
  • The medicine is for personal use by an individual patient.
  • The patient has a prescription from their treating doctor.
  • Additional requirements may apply based on specific national regulations in the destination country.

Medicine Authenticity

We supply only original manufactured medicines, sourced in compliance with Goods Manufacturing Process (GMP). As a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor, we adhere to GMP standards set by Canadian Law and implemented into national law.

We follow strict regulations set by the Ministries of Health, as well as relevant international, US, UK, European, and national legislation, and customs regulations.

We carefully select and audit our suppliers based on the origin and quality of their products, as well as their qualifications and ability to maintain a reliable stock. We negotiate to obtain the best prices to pass these savings on to the patients we support.