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A number of factors have come together recently to underscore the need to implement educational efforts toward young people. Hepc treatment is available to help millions of Americans old and young treat hepatitis C.

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HCV remains a serious public health crisis.  Every time I read an article in the media on HCV I wonder why we, as a nation, are sleeping through the hepatitis C crisis.  Today’s hepc treatment can cure millions not only at home, but around the world.

After twenty years of Hepatitis C research in medicine, public health and awareness education, we are still unable to reach the at-risk population namely, our young adults. According to this morning’s Portland Oregonian, they are at highest risk for HCV and account for most new infections.  Even though it may not sound easy, but hepc treatment can be done as long as we are able to provide hepc treatment to those in need.

Would it surprise anyone that they are  at highest risk for hepatitis C, too?  If routine testing makes sense for Hepatitis C, doesn’t it make as much sense to test routinely for hepatitis C?  These two articles have inspired this entry.

Hepc treatment Outreach Project has been about routine testing for 12 years. We make the case at every opportunity and so it is fitting on a day that it appears in the paper regarding Hepatitis C treatment cost that I bring it up as an issue about hepc treatment.  All the points apply and there are a few additional benefits for those with hepatitis C that, unfortunately, do not apply to those with hepatitis C treatment cost, maybe.

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Every time I bring the need for programs providing routine testing (And not those home kits, either. A real blood draw test) up at conferences and meetings I am told that routine testing is too expensive.

If  routine testing  prevents further transmissions, saves a ton on expensive and inadequate hepc treatment, and protects our blood supply and the supply of useable organs and tissues, isn’t that worth the expense?

If we can prevent the need for expensive pharmaceutical remedies, hepc treatment, isn’t that worth some consideration? New information suggests that this is not unrealistic in the least.

Literally, those at most risk for hepatitis C are those who are our blood and tissue supply and who will provide the supply of donated organs ( note: sign your organ donor card and talk to your family) over time.

Rates of organ donation are down because we have instituted safety laws that are, indeed, saving young lives. That makes this an even more critical issue. We have no margin of error. They’re worried about hepc treatment.

Did you know that getting a tattoo or having a sexual partner with hepatitis C excludes you from the blood donor pool?

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Did you know that the molecular test for hepatitis C takes too long to come back on a donated organ? The organ is not viable after a short period of time.

Transplant teams must rely on the less exact science of antibody detection and risk transplanting an infected organ.

Despite an effort by a former Surgeon General to warn the American people about hepc treatment (which was never mailed, by the way), today we still have no realistic funding or a serious public health effort  to implement education and awareness of hepatitis C.

Quite the reverse. The CDC has only acknowledged risks like sexual transmission, poor infection control practices and tattooing reluctantly.

While millions is spend on anthrax and SARS, which has affected less than ten people in the USA, the 5 million people who would test positive for hepatitis C and the millions more at risk for the infection have been aware virtually nothing.

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But connecting the dots and exploring the implications of the information results in some fairly sobering conclusions.

If the virus lives for up to 72 hours on a surface, a sterile field in a tattoo parlor is necessary to ensure that the virus is not spread from surface to implements to clients.

But studies of the attitudes and practices in the tattooing community have not yielded much in the way of confidence.

There is no consumer law with any teeth and hepc treatment. There are no schools of tattooing science.  a Texas woman was recently awarded $550,000 from a licensed, inspected commercial shop in San Antonio.

The same researchers published warnings and tips on choosing a shop. But, can this practice, in its current form, be trusted?


What about the mechanisms (tube systems) used in tattooing?

They cannot be autoclaved (not all states require an autoclave, licensing, and inspections by the way) and so if a little bit of blood is left in the machinery…….If, as the article in the Oregonian states, young people are at highest risk, then why haven’t our public health experts targeted this population for testing and education about hepc treatment?

We have been diagnosing 20-30 year old infections in 40-50  year old people for the last 10-12 years that I have been around. Why hasn’t anyone been doing the math?

And, when the CDC does prevalence studies, why don’t they look at the factors that might contribute to a constellation of factors that come together in this age group (say 15-25 for argument’s sake) instead of piecemeal studies that really do not point in any definitive direction about hepc treatment?

Maybe we need different kinds of scientific studies that ask better questions and include more relevant variables  to mount a response so this public health crisis fwon’t get get any worse? So far, the CDC seems convinced that prevalence rates are falling.  I am not convinced.

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If you look at where the money that is dedicated to hepc treatment is going you will find the stream of funding going to, primarily, programs targeting IV drug use.  The CDC grants are going to public health efforts to educate active IV drug users and to fund (though this is somewhat limited) needle exchange programs. Fine as far as ithat goes. What are we doing to prevent your young people from getting that far?

But what about everyone else? Where can people get tested and what needs to happen before a test is even suggested by a doctor or someone else?  The biggest obstacle many hepatitis C patients face is having access to affordable hepatitis C treatment cost.

For example the Sovaldi cost is exorbitant.  Sovaldi price in India is much more affordable than the $84,000 when it was first out.  Now its around $24,000 but in India its much less.

The Univeristy of Michigan did a study and found that physicians do not order tests on people who have risk factors because people don’t know what the risk factors are and consequently don’t report them to the doctor so the doctor would order a test before considering hepc treatment..

If tests had been ordered, generic sovaldi cost in India or generic sovaldi price in india and the prevalence rate in that study was about 10% which is in contrast to the estimated 1.8% that our federal experts have estimated. Different criteria, different results.

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So, relying on risk factors which, by the way, have changed each time I have seen a CDC presentation and ALWAYS includes a piece of the pie that says “no know risk factor ” on it, is not producing results in identifying hepatitis C infections.  The primary reason is affordable access to hepc treatment.

Sovaldi price in India is very low however, American hepatitis C patients do not understand the massive price difference between Sovaldi and authorized generic Sovaldi for hepc treatment.


No, people are more often diagnosed when they have begun to have symptoms of liver damage or nervous system damage brought on by hepatitis C treatment cost with affordable Sovaldi cost in India.  By then, options are severely limited.

This is particulalry true if you are African American, female, have other health problems, or are uninsured don’t have hepc treatment

An early diagnosis, as with any other disease, offers the widest range of options. Most importantly, with hepatitis C, abstention from alcohol, smoking and fitness levels can actually preclude the need for hepc treatment and even prevent liver damage from occurring in the first place.

Those who would progress anyway have the option of monitoring, planning and choosing among options varying from how to manage hepc treatment and care for themselves and how and when to seek pharmaceutical generic Sovaldi intervention.

So why would early diagnosis (in the form of routine testing) be a good thing?

Hepc Treatment | Generic Harvoni | Ledifos | Hepcinat LP

Well, people can take better care of themselves. We now know that progression of the liver disease is impacted by lifestyle choices that can mitigate damage.

Untested combinations can be  risky (risk to female fertility, potential for side effects of long term duration).

Access to pharmaceutical treatment is limited to those with excellent healthcare insurance. While there is some help available from the pharmaceutical companies, they will not pay for ancillary treatments, doctor’s visits or other medications for hep c treatment cost is more affordable, Sunny Pharma.

African Americans have the highest rates of infection and the lowest rates of response to the pharmaceutical treatments.

Adolescents, of any race, are most at risk due to the kinds of behaviors and lifestyle experimenting common in this population but there is a hepc treatment unlike before.

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