Harvoni Price in India

harvoni price in india

Harvoni price in India is so cheap that no one believed it could be real and genuine.

Over 6 years have gone by since the first shipment of generic Harvoni to the US.

Over 18,000 Americans have benefited from generic Harvoni, generic Epclusa, generic Sovaldi and generic Daklinza from Sunny Pharma.

Its really God’s grace that Gilead Sciences allowed India to manufacture it at such a low cost.

India really didn’t benefit that much from the price, for them it was still very expensive.

Gilead tends to price this miracle drug at a high rate relative to the cost of living for the population it serves.

At the end of the day, its business as usual.

Some say, well if they didn’t make such big profits, they wouldn’t have been able to produce this miracle drug.

Perhaps, but then we have to think about Jonas Salk, the American scientist that developed the vaccine for polio.

He gave that invention away for FREE.

Inventor of Harvoni: Michael Sofia

I wish the inventor of sofosbuvir, Michael Sofia, maybe not give it away for free, but at a very nominal price.

Even if it was priced at $1000 to $5000 it could have helped save more lives in the US.

Price of Harvoni in the US, was $84,000 when it first came out.

That adds up to $1000 a pill for each of the 84 pills that is required for the normal treatment of hepatitis C.

I guess we shouldn’t complain and groan, again more lives could have been saved with this wonderful drug.

Harvoni is made of 90mg ledipasvir and 400mg of sofosbuvir.

To manufacture this product on a large scale would have been negligible about the price of a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

Today, 45% of the world population can be treated with Harvoni and that is a good thing.

Provided they find other means to get treated other than in the US.

We recommend all people to buy the generic version of Harvoni.

Why even deal with the insurance copay of $10,000 to $24,000, when you get it for less than a $1000 from India.

Harvoni price in India Today

Harvoni price in India is $777 for 84 tablets, 12 weeks of treatment.

Earlier, back in 2016 it was much more expensive about $1400.

Yes, its still a lot cheaper than what is priced in the US.

Nowadays, everyone can access this amazing hepatitis C treatment for a very low price.

The cure rates for most people with hepatitis C is about 96%.

Gone are the days of getting treated with pegylated interferon injections and ribavirin.

If you survived that treatment and you came out clear of the hep C virus, it would have been a miracle.

Just to live through the treatment plan was excruciating for most hepatitis C sufferers.

I guess, we have to give thanks to Gilead Sciences for buying out Michael Sofia’s company Pharmassett for $11 billion.

We also have to give thanks to Gilead Sciences for providing this valuable hepatitis C treatment to manufacture it in India.

This really gave India a huge advantage over many other poor nations.

First they were to manufacture it at a low cost and resell it to other developing nations.

Second, it helped them to mass manufacture and distribute it to high risk areas of intravenous drug users in India.

Overall, the impact of making Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa and Daklinza in India gave a lot of the poor to access to life saving medicine.

Perhaps, being hard on Gilead is not the right thing to do.

I’m not saying let’s take a vigilante approach to the problem, but try to understand it from a global commerce perspective.

Yes, the world revolves around business and economy.

However, a strike in balance between helping all Americans have the access to this life saving hepatitis C treatment.

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