5 Tips to SAVE On Harvoni Cost in 2022

Let’s SAVE BIG on Harvoni Cost!

Nobody is going to kid you, Harvoni cost is expensive, actually very expensive.

Harvoni cost is around $98,500 for a 12 week course.

For an eight week course of Harvoni cost is about $65,000.

Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of Harvoni, prices this drug differently in every market.

In most Western countries, like US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia the price of Harvoni is about the same.

Maybe a few thousand dollars less in Europe and more in North America.

Regardless, it is not affordable at all in most places around the world.

Even in Mexico, where medicine is usually a lot cheaper, Harvoni cost is about $58,000 for 12 weeks of treatment.

The only place where Harvoni is affordable (depends who you talk to) is in India.

Harvoni cost in India is literally a fraction of the price compared to anywhere else in the world.

Here are 5 Tips to Save on Harvoni Cost:

1. You have insurance, work with your insurance provider to get you Harvoni for $50 a month. It can happen. Insurance companies have been able to provide Harvoni for $150 for a 12 week treatment.

2. Use Harvoni coupons, savings card, free samples, trail offers and rebates to get prices down. This requires a lot of work, but it can be done, just have to be persistent.

3. Use the following three patient assistance programs. Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN), Good Day Program and Support Path Patient Assistance Program.

4. Apply for generic Harvoni (ledipasvir 90 mg / sofosbuvir 400 mg) from Asegua co-pay coupon program for $5 prescription for 6 months. 1-800-445-3235.

5. Fill the form at the bottom of the page to have licensed and authorized Gilead Sciences generic Harvoni delivered to your front door in 10 to 12 days.


5 ways to save big on harvoni cost

What can we takeaway about Harvoni cost?

We have gone over how Harvoni cost is out of reach for most people, but there are some options where you can save.

Many of us, especially when you are afflicted with hepatitis C, don’t have that will and determination to fight “Big Pharma” in to giving in to your demand for Harvoni.

However, there are many situations where you can get Harvoni for a very low price or even FREE.  It just requires a lot of hard work and don’t take a NO for an answer attitude.

The other path of least resistance is to get the authorized and licensed generic Harvoni from India for $520 (2 bottles) or $777 (3 bottles).

Living with hep C is tough enough, but getting treatment should not be.

Stay focused on getting your hepatitis C treatment and getting cured.

Your liver and body will thank you for it!


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