Epclusa and Alcohol

Epclusa and alcohol is not a good mix.

Often people try to escape the inevitable, they don’t want to stop drinking when taking Epclusa.

Same thing goes for Harvoni and alcohol.

Why would you or why wouldn’t you?

You would not stop drinking because we are addicted.

Its hard as heck to stop drinking alcohol, even if you have a life threatening illness like hepatitis C.

Years of drinking as already trashed your liver.

Alcohol inflames the liver and makes it work doubly hard when you are trying to recover from hep C.

Hep C virus is tearing apart the liver at the same time.

It does not feel good to hear any of this.

I had to deal with it myself.

The only way, I did it was tell myself be prepared to die because you cannot control yourself from alcohol.

Then, I thought about my daughter and grandchildren…

I said, I gotta stop this sh$%.

I failed two times to stop drinking when I was taking Epclusa.

First week was hard as heck, and I would get past day 3.

Second time, I tried to stop drinking alcohol when taking Epclusa, I got to 7 days and then I started drinking again.

Third time, was really a charm, because my sides were aching and I really needed to stop.

epclusa and alcohol

It was going to be alcohol or hepatitis C that would kill me.

I didn’t want nothing to do with either.

My wife, said, “John, if you don’t stop this, I am not going to be able to live with you.”

That was it.

The next day I gave away and threw out all the cans and bottles of beer and booze.

I was done with it.

Not going to go throught that all over again, in a week or so.

Its hard as heck to stop alcohol.

I’ll tell you even now, I want to start drinking again.

Did the 12 step program that really helped and its still  helping.

I think having faith in a higher power really really helped me stop drinking.

Why would I stop?

Like I said, I want to be around for my daughter and grandkids.

Its something my wife and I really enjoy at our age.

Another aspect of stopping drink has allowed me to save more money.

If you do want to mix Epclusa and alcohol, just remember this is going to happen:

  • more serious headaches
  • intense nausea
  • pain in your abdomen
  • high risk of hep C virus not getting cleared
  • awful diarrhea
  • inflammation of the liver (like you didn’t know that could happen)
  • cirrhosis (scarring of the liver)
  • feeling exhausted all the time

All I am saying is its best to avoid the hooch and the cans of beer.

Its only 84 days until you are done with your meds.

Even if you clear the virus while drinking, its important to seriously think about stopping.

Everett Nelson | Alcoholic and hepatitis C survivor

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