Biktarvy Cost: Are You Ready to Pay (a lot) Less?

Biktarvy cost is $99, in the US its $3500 for 30 tablets.

Its chemical name is bictegravir, emtricitabine & tenofovir alafenamide.

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As you read on you will learn how you can save a considerable amount every month on Biktarvy.

Why is Biktarvy so expensive?

Biktarvy is expensive because the drug is protected by a patent.

It is not available as a generic in the US, for one simple reason, profit.

Once the generic is made available, then costs will come down.

A few countries outside of the US has the generic, one of them is India.

Read about India and its role in HIV treatment drug pricing from the early 1980s’.

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Kris, I just got my second package of Biktarvy via USPS. Everything was in order and thanks for sending the extra 2 bottles, you guys didn’t have to do that. With the price of Biktarvy being so high in the US, I feel like I’m stealing from you guys. Thank you.

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How much does Biktarvy cost per month?

According to, 1 month supply of this medicine, which is 30 tablets, would run you about $3778 to $4015.

One month of supply for Biktarvy can be lower than $150.

The price that is mentioned here is usually after discounts & insurance and that can vary widely.

You will learn more on how these coupons, copay cards, and patient assistance programs can apply in order to help reduce your cost further on.

My husband and I went ahead and got, with your help and financial aid, 24 bottles of Biktarvy at about $145 per bottle. Again, thank you for making this happen, Melissa and Chris.

– Connor Murphy

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How much does it cost with insurance?

Some popular prescription websites offer 80% discounts on Biktarvy.

The cost without insurance or retail price is about $3728 a month for 30 tablets.

Again, these prices are all over the place, some websites show $4823, while others show $3529.

Regardless, the prices are definitely out of reach for most people who need this life saving medication.

You can read more about the cost of HIV medicines on average at the National Institute of Health (USA).

biktarvy without insurance

What is Biktarvy cost without insurance

Insurance companies (some) can cover the complete treatment on a monthly basis with government subsidies.

Again, just to let the optimist know, the prices can vary considerably with insurance from person to person.

What is the cost at Goodrx?

According to the Goodrx website, this HIV medicine cost is $3480 to $3712 for a 30 day supply.

Biktarvy cost in USA

It is about $3500 without insurance in the US.

With government subsidies it could be anywhere from $50 to almost FREE with the Gilead Sciences program.

It really depends on your income and insurance, how much you will end up paying in the end.

We all should be getting this life saving medicine for free if you really think about it.

Biktarvy Cost Around the World: A Closer Look

Navigating the terrain of healthcare expenses could prove complex, more so when it comes to prescription medications such as Biktarvy, one of the leading HIV medicines.

There is a huge difference in the price of Biktarvy from country to country, depending on health policies, patent laws, and insurance coverage norms.

Below, we delve deep into the cost of Biktarvy across a few of the regions globally, touching on the diversified pricing strategies and the net impact they have on the patients at hand.

Biktarvy Cost in Europe

The price of Biktarvy varies greatly from one European country to another, mainly resulting from the different health systems in the European Union and among other European countries.

Most European countries, generally speaking, have some sort of universal health system to slash the price of prescribed medicine, such as Biktarvy, for example.

The government has bargaining power to cut the prices directly with pharmaceutical companies, where it mostly gets better prices for the patients.

This actual out-of-pocket expense, however, can vary quite a bit.

Some patients pay very little or none at all, depending on the insurance coverage and specific healthcare policies that may be in effect.

biktarvy cost in mexico

Biktarvy Cost in Mexico

Even if it is relatively low compared to the United States, health and prescription drug costs in Mexico are quite low, and the price of Biktarvy might still be substantially high for an individual.

The healthcare system is public and private, including governmental programs that provide help with prescription drug costs, but most often, payment is direct from out of pocket or from private insurance.

The cost of Biktarvy in Mexico is going to be subordinated to the above-mentioned variables.

It would then be highly necessary for the patient to look through all the existing options to achieve a reduction in expenses.

Biktarvy Cost in South Africa

The country also has a serious HIV epidemic, with the government responding to the disease at present through strong actions and negotiations for lower prices for antiretroviral drugs like Biktarvy.

This way, South Africa has indeed brought its goal of making treatment available to large portions of the population at lower costs to fruition.

The exact cost for the Biktarvy in South Africa would, however, differ among other factors with whether the patient was being treated at a public health care facility or a private provider.

Biktarvy Cost in Canada

The health care system in Canada is universal, they have access to affordable prescription drugs.

The Biktarvy Canadian price is in most cases lower than that of the United States, among other factors due to the allowance by the Canadian government of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB).

However, getting Biktarvy from Canada is still very expensive compared to India.

Canadian patients could get price relief in one of a couple of ways: either through a provincial health plan or perhaps a mix of both types of payment through a provincial health plan and private insurance.

However, these will be out-of-pocket expenses, and they vary. Patients are advised to get information on financial help that may be offered.

biktarvy cost in UK

Biktarvy Cost in the UK

The National Health Service (NHS), open to all residents, offers complete health care, including drugs on prescriptions at subsidized rates.

In the UK, the cost of Biktarvy is largely borne by the NHS, such as patients paying the standard prescription charge as usual, or they don’t pay at all if and when exempt.

The UK government, through negotiations with the different drug manufacturing companies, has seen the realization of medications like Biktarvy being much cheaper for the patients and, therefore, affording them access to essential treatments.

What can we learn?

The cost of Biktarvy, like so many other prescription drugs, is emblematic of a complex interplay between the systems of global healthcare, government policy, and market dynamics.

Patients interested in treatment with Biktarvy should consider all the sources available to them within their country that help defray the cost of treatment, such as government programs, insurance coverage, and patient assistance programs.


What is the cost with Medicare?

According to the popular website, you should pay $0 or $5 per month, if you are 65 years and older.

Medicare is for individuals that are 65 years or older.

What is the difference between Biktarvy and Biktarvy generic?

In a recent Oxford study, the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in Biktarvy and generic Biktarvy, Tenofovir alafenamide, demonstrated consistent suppression of viral replication in HIV 1.

Biktarvy is made with bictegravir 50 mg, emtricitabine 200 mg and tenofovir alafenamide 25mg.

The generic is authorized and Gilead-licensed; therefore, it contains exactly the same ingredients: bictegravir.

The generic is made by Hetero Drugs in India.

Under the supervision and authorization of Gilead Sciences and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

So, no there is no chemical or molecular difference between the generic and brand name.

There is only one difference between the brand name and the generic, it’s the price.

biktarvy generic

What is the cost of the generic version?

As previously mentioned there are no generics available in the US.

The Biktarvy cost generic from India is about $150 for 30 tablets, the more you buy the lower the price.

Best value for your money is the 12 month plan for ONLY $1597 (prices can fluctuate) and 2 more bottles for FREE.

Prices change regularly, be sure to look out for discounts and sales.

Why the big price difference between the two?

The reason for this huge price difference is licensing.

While Biktarvy’s brand name is marketed for the US only.

Generic Biktarvy is marketed globally and priced for countries but not the US, most Americans didn’t know that (including me before researching to write this article).

For example: the price of a bottle of Coca Cola or Pepsi is $1.20 most places in the US.

In India, a bottle of Coca Cola or Pepsi is $0.18.

Yes, soda pop is a lot cheaper in India.

I do travel a lot, and getting only one bottle a month would not actually serve me. With you folks, I was able to get a year’s supply with all those hassles. Now, am I relieved and happy to travel to wherever and whenever I want? Thanks, Kris.

– Brian Zeine

Boys Town, Chicago

Guess where a bottle of Coca Cola or Pepsi is more expensive than the US?

Switzerland, a bottle of Coke will cost you $4.45 at a restaurant.

Back to Biktarvy prices…

We get it, the price of Biktarvy can never be 100% comparable to soda pop, but the pricing standards of these corporate bigwigs are rather questionable.

The following statement explains this pricing strategy quite well. “Pricing is based on the customer’s ability to pay.”

– Daniel O’ Day, CEO of Gilead Sciences

Same exact product manufactured and marketed in two different countries but vastly different prices. You should know why the prices change vary between countries.

What you should not take with this medicine? 

You should not take any other HIV treatment along with Biktarvy.

  • Dofetilide
  • Rifampin, rifabutin ad rifapentine
  • Any other HIV 1 treatments
  • Any supplements with St. John’s wort
  • rifabutin, rifampicin and rifapentine (used to treat some bacterial infections such as tuberculosis)
  • Anti seizure medication that contains carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, phenobarbital and phenytoin
  • Any immunosuppressant that contains ciclosporin
  • Any treatment for stomach ulcers or gastric reflux disease that contains sucralfate

WARNING: Biktarvy can reactivate hepatitis B, not hepatitis C.

Thank you for making it accessible at an affordable price.

– Maria Hederra Capitol Hill, Seattle

How long does it take HIV to be undetectable by using Biktarvy? 

Usually, 8 to 24 weeks of the treatment prescribed, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Takeaway on How to Reduce Biktarvy Cost?

We went over some of the ways to save money on Biktarvy cost.

Affordability has been a big concern for those with insurance and those without.

Biktarvy cost remains to be out of reach for most people, but there are ways to save money.

If you are still not able to afford this drug, you can mail order this medicine below.

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