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You Want to Be FREE of Hepatitis C?

You are here because You NEED Hepatitis C Treatment: 

  • you have been denied by insurance for Epclusa, Harvoni, Sovaldi, Vosevi or Mavyret?
  • you don’t have the ridiculous $18,582 copay to get treated for hepatitis C?
  • you have no insurance and your symptoms are getting worse and you need to get treated ASAP?
  • you had to get treated but put it off, hoping the symptoms would go away and they didn’t?
  • you are sick of all the running around they got you doing to get your hep C meds?
  • you tested positive for hepatitis C, but don’t have a prescription?
  • you are asked to do more bloodwork or a fibroscan, this or that scan, before they give you treatment?
  • you had it up to here with the healthcare system and just need the meds?
  • you want to hit a button and have your meds in your mailbox? (we are experts at this)

You searched Google and Facebook looking for generic Epclusa, generic Harvoni, Mavyret or Vosevi.

There is a lot of anxiety in this process.

First of all, who do you trust and what can you trust?

Just because you read something on a website or on the internet, means nothing.

We offer FREE Refunds, FREE Returns, FREE Shipping & 100% HASSLE FREE Experience.

Don’t believe us, just read third party reviews here.👈

Joyce’s Experience: epclusa cost

“Chris knew I was hesitant and so I didn’t order.

Next thing I know, Melissa emailed to say your Epclusa is on the way.

I was mortally shocked because I did not pay!

As promised I was delivered 3 bottles of Epclusa.

Because of your trust in me, I want to donate 2 treatments for children with hep C.

Thank you Chris and Melissa for having faith in me.”

– Joyce Ritter

hepatitis c treatment

Is it REAL or is it FAKE?

Your head is spinning with all the choices, you do not know what to do.

All websites are jumbled up in your brain.

Because you needed your treatment yesterday.

Am I right?

I went through the same process back in 2014 for my father.

I understand where you are coming from.

Atleast Three Million Americans Have Hepatitis C

Now, I just want to get this out of the way.

I am a red blooded single heterosexual white American woman.

And I help ALL people in America and around the world get access to hepatitis C treatment.

This is my mission and its my patriotic duty to help hep C communities get life saving medicine.

My team and I do not take this lightly.

We are in it for the long run. epclusa cost

One more important distinction I want to make is:

As Americans, we cannot rant about Gilead and rave about hepatitis C medicine from India.

A lot of our work has to be private and confidential.

Why? epclusa cost

They will shut us down in a heart beat.

So, what do we do?

We quietly keep working and keep plugging along every single day to make sure the folks that NEED hep C meds, get it.

So, if you know what hepatitis C treatment you need or have been prescribed, we will make sure you get in to your mailbox in a week or 2.

Oh, don’t worry if you do not have a prescription, bloodwork or this (or that) scan.

We will have our doctor write a prescription for your hepatitis C genotype treatment.

You will get your hepatitis C treatment.



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How can you give out prescription medicine without a prescription?

First of all this not oxycodone or Ritalin.

Its Harvoni, Epclusa, Sovaldi, Mavyret or Vosevi.

The number one reason we are not concerned if you have a prescription or not is:

most people do not have an extra $100 to $200 to go get a doctor’s prescription.

If you have hepatitis C and you don’t have a prescription, our doctor will write one for you.

Its as simple as that.

Who in their crazy minds would want to spend almost  $800 to take medicine for a disease they don’t have.

Not too many.

I am going to get out of the way now and let you read what you came here for.

Have peace of mind, when you do order.

The last thing we need is you to worry about getting your hepatitis C treatment.

There are plenty of people that support our cause in America and around the world.

My team and I ONLY care about if you have access to treatment or not.

Check Great Non Profits for reviews here.

Take care of the hep C symptoms before they get worse.

Better yet, why don’t you just get the hepatitis C treated once in for all!

I wish you good luck in your pursuit of authorized hep C treatment.

And we wish you the best of health from Sunny Pharma 😊.

Melissa McKnight

P.s. I cannot do any of this without the help of my teammates Birat, Nancy, Kris, Randy, Megan, Dr. Bergman, Dr. Salvotore, Dr. Rubin and Mary.

Stephie’s Experience:

“Melissa, thank you for having your doctor write the prescription.

Got my Harvoni delivered in 9 days.

I will email you after my test results.”

– Stephie Gilbert

hep c treatment

How to get generic Epclusa, Harvoni, Sovaldi, Daklinza, Vosevi & Mavyret without going broke?

Because you are here, you want to learn about the most prescribed hepatitis C (HCV) treatments, both brand names and authorized generics.

We’ll go over the price difference of brand names like Harvoni, Epclusa, Sovaldi, Daklinza, Mavyret & Vosevi and their identical generics (Identical molecular compound, except price).

You may have heard, hep C meds are quite expensive for most Americans and Europeans, unless you happen to live in India.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best new treatments that are available today for your cure.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV)

Hepatitis C virus causes inflammation, scarring and cancer of the liver if not treated.

HCV was discovered and identified only in 1989.

Prior to 1989 it was always called non A and non B.

Meaning it was not hepatitis A nor hepatitis B. (nobody knew what it was)

Worst thing about hep C is that it is highly infectious and is and will continue to be a big public health risk.

Over the past several decades hep C has cost American tax payers billions of dollars in care and treatment.

Before new hep C treatments (direct acting antivirals) were invented, there were only interferon injection and ribavirin treatment options.

Majority of the patients could not handle the severe side effects of interferon and ribavirin.

As expected most patients would just give up on this treatment.

Unfortunately, this treatment also had a low cure rate.


Enter the new chapter of hepatitis C treatments, direct acting antivirals or DAAs.

How much does it cost for hepatitis C treatment?

Hepatitis C medicine is one of the most expensive medicines in the Western world.

Prices of hepatitis C treatments are artificially high, and start at $26,400 for the least expensive treatment.

  • Harvoni cost $94,500 – 12 weeks of treatment and $189,000 for 24 weeks of treatment
  • Epclusa cost $78,078 – 12 weeks of treatment
  • Sovaldi cost $84,000 – 12 weeks of treatment and $168,000 for 24 weeks of treatment
  • Mavyret cost $26,400 – 8 weeks of treatment
  • Zepatier cost $54,600 – 12 weeks of treatment
  • Technivie cost $76,653 – 12 weeks of treatment
  • Vosevi cost $78,078 – 12 weeks of treatment

Pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars on research and development.

It took years to come up with this type of hep C treatment with a high cure rate.

A very good possibility to explain why this medicine is so expensive.

Another reason maybe why its expensive; high cure rates of 95% to 99% and low side effects.

Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of the medicine priced it cheaper than a liver transplant.

Liver transplant in the US is about $577,000 to $750,000.

Pay a big price now, so you don’t have to pay bigger price for a liver transplant.

As a daughter of an amazing father who had hepatitis C, I don’t agree with this logic.


JoAnn’s Experience:

“You saved my 65 year old father’s life.

I didn’t have the money and  you sent out the meds.

Today, its different.

I have the money and I am donating $2800 for you to help others.

Forever grateful.”

-JoAnn Sommers

The average person with hep C is not able to pay for the medicine or a liver transplant.

Most people are not happy about it, even if your insurance may or may not cover it.

epclusa cost

Most insurers do not cover hep C treatments like Harvoni, Sovaldi, Epclusa, Daklinza, Mavyret and Vosevi.

Two reasons for this:

  • Cost of the HCV treatment is very expensive
  • It is not medically necessary, until liver failure

If you are one of the exceptions (you are lucky), your insurance company may help.

The copay of $10,000 to $38,000.

A copay is something affordable not the cost of a car or a garage.

Others (most people) are scrambling looking for ways to reduce the copay or even eliminate it.

Or, they appeal their insurance company to approve the medication.

Unfortunately, ONLY 23% of hep c patients get their insurance approved.

We get a ton of emails regularly asking “I’ve been denied by my insurance, can you help me get my hepatitis C treatment.” insurance?

How much does Epclusa cost without insurance?

harvoni without health insurance
Harvoni without health insurance

Those without insurance, have a few options.

All hepatitis C drug manufacturers have a website to apply to get treatment free of cost.

  • NeedyMeds.com
  • MySupportPath.com
  • MedicineAssistanceTool.org

Remember, to do more digging online.

Sooner or later you will find a good source to get your treatment paid for or get it at a lower price.

You may even be the uber lucky person and get it for FREE.

Now, you have read about the history of HCV, new treatments (DAAs) and their costs.

Now, we are going to dive in to generic hep C drugs.

What are authorized generics?

generic hep c drugs
Authorized generics of Harvoni and Epclusa launched

Generic Harvoni and generic Epclusa was mad available 10 to 15 years early before their patents expired.

  • Cost of sofosbuvir 400mg ledipasvir 90mg, a generic for Harvoni, is $24,000 for 12 weeks course and $48,000 for 24 weeks course.
  • Cost of sofosbuvir 400mg velpatasvir 100mg, a generic for Epclusa, is $24,000 for 12 weeks course.

There are three reasons for the availability of hep C generics:

  1. Competition (Abbvie’s Mavyret) is selling for $26,400
  2. Increase sales (revenue & profits) from licensing out more authorized generics to India.
  3. Provide Medicare/Medicaid patients a discount of $2,500 for each treatment (unfortunately this doesn’t add up to any real cost savings).

The generics, allow Gilead Sciences to compete with cheaper hepatitis C treatments currently in the marketplace.

Steve’s Experience:

“My insurance did not want to pay for 24 weeks of Epclusa.

Dr. Halbert recommended I contact you folks.

Today, I do not have the hepatitis C virus.

I beat it.

Thank you Melissa and Chris.”

-Steve Daniels 

Many of you probably watched on 60 Minutes20/20 and Fox news about low priced identical generics from India that are fraction of the cost.

Bloomberg News and CNN aired a special report the cost of Harvoni tablet is $1125 in the US and in India its less than $10 a pill.

Why does Epclusa hep C treatment cost less in India?

The best answer we have found is Gilead Sciences paid about $11.2 billion dollars for Pharmasset Inc, the company that invented sofosbuvir, the main ingredient in Sovaldi, Epclusa, Harvoni and Vosevi.

Gilead had to recoup their multi billion dollar investment.

Gilead made $48 billion dollars from 2015 to 2019 from selling hepatitis C medicine.

Only drawback to making such a good profit is, many state health budgets went bust and quite a high number of patients could not afford hep C treatments.

The bad news is the folks that didn’t get treatment, died from liver failure.

Today, there is no genuine excuse in getting cured for hepatitis C.

Its FREE, Harvoni price in India or Epclusa price in India, when you compare it to the US.

What about the generics from India?

generic hep c drugs
Generic hepatitis C treatments

Hep C treatment cost in India is around $777 depending on how long your doctor recommends treatment.

This is well known by most Americans and Europeans.

Hepatitis C generics, have been manufactured in India since 2014, with the approval of Gilead Sciences and the FDA.

Many newspapers around the country (USA), reported in 2014, the cost of Harvoni in India is $1997 $777 and cost of Epclusa in India is $2497 $777 , for 12 weeks treatment.

Sovaldi cost in India is $1495 $694 for 84 days or 12 weeks of treatment.

Hepatitis C treatments are (Epclusa cost) so cheap in India?

Hepatitis C generic treatments are a lot less in India for 3 very important reasons:

  • India has an established pharmaceutical industry & infrastructure since 1963
  • US and Europe disadvantage is the cost of manufacturing and labor.
  • Cost to make hep C meds in large volume is not expensive

India has been providing Americans with affordable medicine at a fraction of the cost for over 60 years.

All hepatitis C treatment manufacturing facilities are checked and approved by the US FDA and Gilead Sciences.

Today, India manufactures 55% of all medicinal tablets and injections that are in the US market.

Hepatitis C Treatments:

cost of epclusa generic epclusa
Cost of Epclusa $777

Hepatitis C Treatment – Generic / Cost of Epclusa (velpatasvir 100mg sofosbuvir 400mg)

Patent holder – Gilead Sciences

Manufacturer – Gilead Sciences, Asegua Therapeutics, Mylan, Abbot, Natco and many other licensees.

Distribution rights – Sunny Pharma and hospital pharmacies

Strength – 100mg velpatasvir and 400mg sofosbuvir

Hepatitis C virus genotypes treatments –1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

Russell’s Experience:

“My mistake was I waited and waited to get Harvoni.

I couldn’t wait anymore for insurance.

Talked to Chris on the phone for maybe 5 minutes.

Harvoni was in my mailbox in 10 days.

No more hep C, undetectable viral load.”

-Russell Branson

Hepatitis C Treatment – Epclusa generic name:

All Gilead licensed Harvoni generic names are created and marketed by the Indian pharmaceutical companies.

The names of the generics are not too creative, they often have velpatasvir or sofosbuvir in their names.

Epclusa generic name can be searched online.

Generic Epclusa Dosage & administration:

  • 1 tablet taken orally for 84 days (12 weeks).
  • Some people, based on their viral load test, are prescribed longer treatment plans.

Most common side effects of generic Epclusa:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • depression
  • low blood iron/ anemia
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • physical weakness
  • shortness of breath
  • muscle pain
  • rash

Epclusa rare side effects:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Reactivation of hepatitis B infection (warning for Harvoni and Sovaldi too)
  • Failure of the liver
  • High or low blood sugar
  • Abdomen lining infection and inflammation
  • Angioedema allergy reaction

*If you experience any severe allergic reaction to this medication, please call 911 or your physician immediately.

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Hepatitis C Treatment
Harvoni treatment $777

Harvoni Treatment (sofosbuvir 400mg ledipasvir 90mg)

Patent holder – Gilead Sciences

Manufacturer – Gilead Sciences, Asegua Therapeutics, Dr. Reddys, Ranbaxy, Abbot, Natco, Mylan, Cipla and more.

Distribution – Local pharmacies, online pharmacies, hospital pharmacies

Strength – 90mg ledipasvir and 400mg sofosbuvir

Hepatitis C virus genotypes –1, 4, 5 or 6

Harvoni generic name:

All Gilead licensed Harvoni generic names are created and marketed by the Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Often times they are not creative, they usually will have hepatitis C, Ledipasvir or Sofosbuvir in their names.

Just do a simple Google search you will find quite a few.

Jon’s Experience:

“I got taken for a ride by a real bad “famous” person.

I live in Cancun, he said the meds would get there fine.

The Harvoni got stuck in customs.

Melissa sent a medical courier to Tijuana and shipped it to Cancun.

Fantastic effort.”

-Jon Edwards

Generic Harvoni Dosage & administration:

  • tablet, one,  taken orally for 84 days (12 weeks).
  • Some people, based on the viral load test, are prescribed only 56 days of treatment from their liver doctor.

Most common side effects of generic Harvoni:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • physical weakness
  • shortness of breath
  • muscle pain
  • rash

*If you experience any severe allergic reaction to this medication, please call 911 or your physician immediately.

sofosbuvir price in india
Sovaldi price in India $694

Generic Sovaldi (sofosbuvir 400mg)

Patent holder – Gilead Sciences

Manufacturer – Gilead Sciences, Natco, Cipla, Mylan, Abbot and Astra Zeneca.

Distribution – Local pharmacies, online pharmacies, hospital pharmacies

Strength – 400mg sofosbuvir

Hepatitis C virus genotypes treatment:

  • genotypes 1 or 4 with or without compensated cirrhosis in combination with peginterferon alfa and weight based ribavirin.
  • genotypes 2 or 3 with or without compensated cirrhosis in combination with weight based ribavirin.

Sovaldi generic name:

All Gilead licensed Harvoni generic names are created and marketed by the Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Often times they are not creative, they usually will have hepatitis C or sofosbuvir in their names.

Generic Sovaldi Dosage & administration:

  • tablet, one, taken orally for 84 days (12 weeks).
  • Some people are advised to take Daklinza with Sovaldi for genotype 3, please consult with your doctor to see if this combination is right for you

Most common side effects of generic Sovaldi:

  • fatigue / tiredness
  • insomnia
  • headache
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • physical weakness
  • shortness of breath
  • muscle pain
  • rash

*If you experience any severe allergic reaction to this medication, please call 911 or your physician immediately.


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